Hawaii, the Big Island, Mauna Kea Beach
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Mauna Kea Beach

Top choice in South Kohala

Crescent-shaped Kaunaʻoa Bay (nicknamed 'Mauna Kea Beach' after Rockefeller built his landmark hotel on it) is blanketed in powdery white sand, with clear waters that are calm and shallow (generally less than 10ft). Snorkeling is best at the north end along the rocky ledge. This wonderfully uncrowded beach is open to the public through 40 parking spaces set aside daily for nonguests. Arrive by 9am and stop at the entry gate for a parking pass and directions.

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1. Hapuna Beach State Recreation Area

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6. Pua Ka ʻIlima ʻO Kawaihae


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This sunny harbor is a good spot for a picnic or a place to just chill and watch the boats roll in. Beware of flies that swarm by the rubbish bins.