Heidelberg Project

Public Art in Detroit
Image by Andrew Burton / Getty Images

Polka-dotted streets, houses covered in Technicolor paint blobs, strange doll sculptures in yards – this is no acid trip, but rather a block-spanning art installation. It's the brainchild of artist Tyree Guyton, who wanted to beautify his run-down community and has been at it for more than 30 years. It's an ever-evolving work in progress. In 2016, Guyton announced he'd be dismantling the project and putting a cultural village in its place, but so far the original eye-popping installations remain.

Download the free Heidelberg Project app, which describes each of Guyton's pieces. Work is ongoing to rehab the buildings into galleries and art workshop spaces, much like the current Numbers House. Heidelberg is located about 1.5 miles from Eastern Market. Take Gratiot Ave northeast to Heidelberg St. The project spans from Ellery to Mt Elliott Sts in a rough neighborhood.