SCAD Museum of Art


Architecturally striking (but what else would you expect from this school of design?), this brick, steel, concrete and glass longhouse delivers your contemporary-art fix. There are groovy, creative sitting areas inside and out, and a number of rotating and visiting exhibitions that showcase some of the most impressive talents within the contemporary-art world.

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1. Jepson Center for the Arts

0.26 MILES

Designed by the great Moshe Safdie, and looking pretty darn space-age by Savannah's standards, the JCA – rather appropriately, given its architecture –…

2. Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum

0.28 MILES

If you're into boats or naval history, this little museum will hold a lot of interest. Located in an old Savannah mansion, there are several floors of…

3. Telfair Academy

0.28 MILES

Considered Savannah's top art museum, the historic Telfair family mansion is filled with 19th-century American art and silver and a smattering of European…

4. Haitian Monument

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Built to honor the 750 Haitian volunteer infantrymen – the largest unit of men of African descent – who fought in the attempt to get Savannah back from…

5. First African Baptist Church

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Considered the oldest African American church in the country, this National Historic Landmark played a pivotal role on the Underground Railroad. Offers…

6. American Prohibition Museum

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Learn about the history of Prohibition in the US in this spirited museum, the only one of its kind in the country. Exhibits feature live actors, films,…

7. Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum

0.38 MILES

This small museum provides a local introduction to the Civil Rights movement as it played out in Savannah – the supposedly genteel city had some fairly…

8. Mercer-Williams House


Although Jim Williams, the Savannah art dealer portrayed by Kevin Spacey in the film version of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, died back in 1990…