Hutchinson Island


This long, skinny barrier island, which begins in Stuart and stretches north to Fort Pierce, features a stunning array of unspoiled beaches. All beaches have free access, and are excellent for walking, swimming and even a bit of snorkeling. The beaches get less touristed the further north you go.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Stuart attractions

2. Elliott Museum

3.74 MILES

The eccentric Elliott collection has a focus on early 20th-century technology, and for good reason – the museum was founded by Harmon Elliott, the son of…

3. Manatee Observation Center

15.05 MILES

A small center educating the public on the plight of the manatee. Videos and exhibits teach boaters how to avoid hurting the creatures – and the rest of…

4. Fort Pierce Inlet State Park

16.17 MILES

This 700-acre park has everything you'd want in a waterfront recreation spot: sandy shores, verdant trails, mangrove swamps with a beautiful bird…

5. Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge

16.57 MILES

A 1091-acre federally protected nature sanctuary, Hobe Sound has two sections: a small slice on the mainland, opposite the Jonathan Dickinson State Park;…

6. UDT-SEAL Museum

17.07 MILES

The world's only museum dedicated to the elite warriors of Naval Special Warfare, this Hutchinson Island exhibit features once-top-secret tools and…

7. Urca de Lima

17.25 MILES

In 1715 a Spanish flotilla was decimated in a hurricane off the Florida coast. One of the ships, the Urca de Lima, went down (relatively) intact. Today,…

8. Jonathan Dickinson State Park

17.58 MILES

With almost 11,500 acres to explore, this is an excellent state park between US Hwy 1 and the Loxahatchee River. There's no ocean access in the park, but…