‘Beachfront Avenue!’ The A1A causeway, coupled with the Rickenbacker Causeway in Key Biscayne, is one of the great bridges in America, linking Miami and Miami Beach via the glittering turquoise of Biscayne Bay.

To drive this road in a convertible or with the windows down, with a setting sun behind you, enormous cruise ships to the side, the palms swaying in the ocean breeze, and let’s just say ‘Royals’ by Lorde on the radio, is basically the essence of Miami.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby South Beach attractions

1. Jungle Island

1.15 MILES

Jungle Island, packed with tropical birds, alligators, orangutans, chimps, lemurs, a (wait for it Napoleon Dynamite fans) liger (a cross between a lion…

2. Miami Children's Museum

1.31 MILES

This museum, located between South Beach and Downtown Miami, isn’t exactly a museum but more like an uberplayhouse, with areas for kids to practice all…

3. Maurice Gibb Memorial Park

1.46 MILES

A small bit of green space overlooking the water, this park has a playground, benches and grassy areas with fine views. There's ample parking here too.

4. 1111 Lincoln Rd

1.53 MILES

The west side of Lincoln Rd is anchored by a most impressive parking garage: a geometric pastiche of sharp angles, winding corridors and incongruous…

5. Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU

1.54 MILES

Housed in a 1936 Orthodox synagogue that served Miami’s first congregation, this small museum chronicles the large contribution Jews have made to the…

6. Miami Riverwalk

1.64 MILES

This pedestrian walkway follows along the northern edge of the river as it bisects Downtown, and offers some peaceful vantage points of bridges and…

7. ArtCenter/South Florida

1.64 MILES

Established in 1984 by a small but forward-thinking group of artists, this compound is the creative heart of South Beach. In addition to some 52 artists’…

8. South Pointe Park

1.65 MILES

The very southern tip of Miami Beach has been converted into a lovely park, replete with manicured grass for lounging; a beach; views over a remarkably…