1111 Lincoln Rd

South Beach

The west side of Lincoln Rd is anchored by a most impressive parking garage: a geometric pastiche of sharp angles, winding corridors and incongruous corners that looks like a lucid fantasy dreamed up by Pythagoras after a long night out.

In fact, the building was designed by Swiss architecture firm Herzog & de Meuron, who describe the structure as ‘all muscle without cloth.’ Besides parking, 1111 Lincoln is filled with retail shops and residential units.

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Nearby South Beach attractions

1. ArtCenter/South Florida

0.17 MILES

Established in 1984 by a small but forward-thinking group of artists, this compound is the creative heart of South Beach. In addition to some 52 artists’…

2. Maurice Gibb Memorial Park

0.26 MILES

A small bit of green space overlooking the water, this park has a playground, benches and grassy areas with fine views. There's ample parking here too.

3. Holocaust Memorial

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Even for a Holocaust piece, this memorial is particularly powerful. With over 100 sculptures, its centerpiece is the Sculpture of Love and Anguish, an…

4. New World Center

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Designed by Frank Gehry, this performance hall rises majestically out of a manicured lawn just above Lincoln Rd. Not unlike the ethereal power of the…

5. Miami Beach Community Church

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In rather sharp and refreshing contrast to all the ubermodern structures muscling their way into the art-deco design of South Beach, this community church…

6. Miami Beach Botanical Garden


This lush but little-known 2.6 acres of plantings is operated by the Miami Beach Garden Conservancy, and is a veritable green haven in the midst of the…

7. SoundScape Park

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Outside of the New World Center, this park is one of the best places for open-air screenings in Miami Beach. During some New World Symphony performances,…

8. Española Way Promenade


Española Way is an ‘authentic’ Spanish promenade…in the Florida theme-park spirit of authenticity! A terracotta and cobbled arcade of rose-pink and…