MIAMI BEACH - FLORIDA - USA, OCTOBER 30: the New World Center which opened in 2011 and was designed by architect Frank Gehry and acoustician Yasuhisa Toyota on october 30 2012 in Miami beach, Florida.
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New World Center

South Beach

Designed by Frank Gehry, this performance hall rises majestically out of a manicured lawn just above Lincoln Rd. Not unlike the ethereal power of the music within, the glass-and-steel facade encases characteristically Gehry-esque sail-like shapes that help create the magnificent acoustics and add to the futuristic quality of the concert hall. The grounds form a 2.5-acre public park aptly known as SoundScape Park.

Some performances inside the center are projected outside via a 7000-sq-ft projection wall (the so-called 'Wallcast'), which might make you feel like you’re in the classiest open-air theater on the planet. Reserve ahead for a 45-minute guided tour.

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