‘You sank my battleship!’ This cry was ne’er heard aboard the mighty USS Massachusetts, a hulk of a craft that survived 35 battles in WWII, gunning down almost 40 aircraft and never losing a man in combat. Today, this heroic vessel sits in a quiet corner of Mt Hope Bay known as Battleship Cove. This beaut – longer than two football fields and taller than a nine-story building – is one of eight historic ships that visitors can explore at Battleship Cove.

The USS Joseph P Kennedy Jr, named for President John F Kennedy’s older brother, did battle in the Korean and Vietnam Wars and is now a museum. The USS Lionfish is a WWII submarine still in full working condition. The Soviet-built Hiddensee is a fast attack craft that was obtained from Germany after the communist collapse. There are also two Patrol Torpedo (PT) boats, a landing craft, a Japanese attack boat and other craft.

To further experience life on board, spring for Nautical Nights ($60 to $65 per person), which allows you to sleep on one of the battleships. The price includes breakfast as well as a host of movies and activities.