Frisco Historic Park & Museum

Set on the site of the original town saloon in 1889, and later converted into the town’s second school in 1901, this museum features a number of historical displays, including one on the Ute nation, a diorama of the original Ten Mile Canyon railroad that fed and connected the mining camps of Leadville and Frisco, and a historic map of Colorado (c 1873).

The main attractions, however, are the half-dozen old mining cabins scattered out back. Aficionados of log-construction techniques will appreciate the double-dovetail joints at the Dills Ranch House (c 1890) and the Bailey House (c 1895). Inside the Trappers Cabin, visitors will find the kind of pelts that once sustained the area’s meager economy prior to mining. Other prize specimens include the Frisco jail and the town chapel, which now screens a 15-minute documentary video.