El Dorado County Historical Museum

Top choice in Gold Country

On the El Dorado County Fairgrounds west of downtown (exit north on Placerville Dr from Hwy 50), is this complex of restored buildings, mining equipment and re-created businesses telling the story of old 'Hangtown.' There are displays on the pony express, wanted posters and wagons, a reconstructed old-time grocery and luxurious silk gowns.

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1. Hangtown's Gold Bug Park & Mine

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About 1 mile north of town via Bedford Ave, this historical park stands on the site of four mining claims that yielded gold from 1849 to 1888. You can…

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3. Lava Cap Winery

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A true family affair going back 150 years, where nearly everyone pouring has the last name on the bottles.

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8. Sobon Estate

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