Sobon Estate

Gold Country

Founded in 1977, this is an environmentally conscious family-run estate.

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1. Chew Kee Store Museum

1.96 MILES

Remnants of the bygone era are just outside of Plymouth. The Chew Kee Store Museum, 6 miles east in Fiddletown, is an old herbal shop that once served…

2. Deaver Vineyards

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A true family affair going back 150 years, where nearly everyone pouring has the last name on the bottles.

3. Renwood Winery

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The highly commercial Renwood Winery crafts outstanding Zinfandel, which you can taste in a flight of five wines, optionally paired with 'culinary small…

4. Cooper Vineyards


A family owned vineyard established in 1979, where they happen to make the best Barbera in the world. Tour groups of seven or more, by appointment only.

5. Andis Wines

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Inside a modern glass-walled tasting room, Andis Wines pours a rich array of reds, especially Barbera, Zinfandel and Grenache. Buy a carafe and linger a…

6. Wilderotter Vineyard

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As if the fine rosé and award-winning Sauvignon Blanc weren't enough, here tastings are paired with complimentary artisanal cheeses.

7. Young's

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This quaint small vineyard just outside Plymouth has a homely Spanish feel and its Reserve Syrah is excellent.

8. Drytown Cellars

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This is one of the most fun tasting rooms in Amador County, thanks to vintner Allen Kreutzer, a gregarious host, and his array of big reds. At the time of…