Petaluma Museum

Sonoma Valley

Petaluma's historic library houses a museum with rotating exhibits on local history. It's a beautiful space with some wonderful stained glass and worth a walk through if the doors are open.

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1. Petaluma Adobe State Historic Park

3.62 MILES

In the early 1800s, General Vallejo planted the area's first vines near his newly constructed ranch, Petaluma Adobe, which stands today as a historic…

2. Keller Estate

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This 42-acre estate sits in the newly dubbed 'Petaluma Gap,' where pinot noir and chardonnay grapes are tormented by wind and fog, urging them to produce…

3. Robledo

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Sonoma Valley’s feel-good winery, Robledo was founded by a former migrant worker from Mexico who worked his way up to vineyard manager, then land owner,…

4. Cornerstone Sonoma

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This roadside Wine Country marketplace showcases 25 walk-through (in some cases edible) gardens, along with a bunch of innovative and adorable shops, wine…

5. Cline Cellars

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Balmy days are for pondside picnics and rainy ones for fireside tastings of old-vine zinfandel and Mourvèdre inside an 1850s farmhouse. Stroll out back to…

6. Jack London State Historic Park

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Napa has Robert Louis Stevenson, but Sonoma has Jack London. This 1400-acre park frames that author's last years; don't miss the excellent on-site museum…

7. Benziger

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If you’re new to wine, make Benziger your first stop for Sonoma’s best crash course in winemaking. The worthwhile tour (reservations recommended) includes…

8. Jacuzzi Family Vineyards

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This gorgeous stone palace is a replica of the Jacuzzi family's estate in Friuli, Italy – yes, that's the Jacuzzis that gave us the hot-tub jet. Known for…