Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest

Mono Lake Region

At 6.3 million acres, this is the largest national forest in the lower 48 states. Most of it is in Nevada, with a small portion around Bridgeport in California.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Mono Lake Region attractions

1. Buckeye Hot Spring

6.12 MILES

A stroll down a hillside brings you to this out-of-the-way (though it can still get crowded) hot spring. Water emerges piping hot and cools as it trickles…

2. Hoover Wilderness

8.08 MILES

Constituting 128,000 acres of backcountry paradise, Hoover includes the Virginia Lakes, Lundy Lake and high peaks to the west bordering Yosemite National…

3. Mono County Museum

10.87 MILES

In an 1880 schoolhouse, this museum has mining artifacts on display from all the local ghost towns, plus a room of fine Paiute baskets. Only open during…

4. Mono County Courthouse

10.98 MILES

The gavel has been dropped since 1880 at this courthouse, an all-white Italianate dreamboat surrounded by a gracious lawn and a wrought-iron fence. On the…

5. Bodie State Historic Park

23.02 MILES

At Bodie State Historic Park, a gold-rush ghost town is preserved in a state of 'arrested decay.' Weathered buildings sit frozen in time on a dusty,…

6. Black Point Fissures

23.94 MILES

On the north shore of Mono Lake are the Black Point Fissures, narrow crags that opened when a lava mass cooled and contracted about 13,000 years ago…

7. Pothole Dome

27.18 MILES

Pothole Dome marks the western end of Tuolumne Meadows. It’s small by Yosemite standards, but the short, 200ft climb to the top offers great views of the…

8. Soda Springs

27.4 MILES

Above the north shore of the Tuolumne River, carbonated mineral water burbles silently out of Soda Springs, a small natural spring that turns its…