Charles River Esplanade

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The southern bank of the Charles River Basin is an enticing urban escape, with grassy knolls and cooling waterways, all designed by Frederick Law Olmsted. It stretches almost 3 miles along the Boston shore of the Charles River, from the Museum of Science to Boston University Bridge. The park is dotted with public art, including an oversized bust of Arthur Fiedler, longtime conductor of the Boston Pops. Paths along the river are ideal for bicycling, jogging or walking.

There are several children's playgrounds along the Esplanade, including the Charlesbank Playground, near the Museum of Science, and the Stoneman Playground, near Massachusetts Ave.

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3. Ether Monument

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On the northwest side of the lagoon in the Public Garden, the Ether Monument commemorates the first use of anesthesia (in Boston) for medical purposes.

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At the main (Arlington St) entrance to the Public Garden, visitors are met by a statue of George Washington mounted nobly on his horse.

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