Gibson House Museum

Back Bay

Catherine Hammond Gibson was considered quite the pioneer when she moved to this Italian Renaissance row house in 1860 (that she was a female homeowner in this ‘New Land’ was even more unusual). The Gibson House remains virtually unchanged since this time, preserving a piece of Victorian-era Boston and showcasing the antique furniture and art collected by the Gibson family.

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1. Ether Monument


On the northwest side of the lagoon in the Public Garden, the Ether Monument commemorates the first use of anesthesia (in Boston) for medical purposes.

2. Statue of George Washington

0.15 MILES

At the main (Arlington St) entrance to the Public Garden, visitors are met by a statue of George Washington mounted nobly on his horse.

3. Public Garden

0.19 MILES

Adjoining Boston Common, the Public Garden is a 24-acre botanical oasis of Victorian flower beds, verdant grass and weeping willow trees shading a…

4. Make Way for Ducklings Statue


The most endearing of the Public Garden monuments is Make Way for Ducklings, always a favorite with kids. The sculpture depicts the characters in Robert…

5. Krakow Witkin Gallery


After years of fruitful cooperation, Barbara Krakow and Andrew Witkin finally renamed their venerable gallery – previously the Barbara Krakow Gallery – to…

6. Gallery Naga

0.21 MILES

Inside the Gothic digs of the Church of the Covenant, Gallery Naga exhibits contemporary painters, featuring many highly regarded local and regional…

7. Charles River Esplanade

0.23 MILES

The southern bank of the Charles River Basin is an enticing urban escape, with grassy knolls and cooling waterways, all designed by Frederick Law Olmsted…

8. Arlington Street Church

0.24 MILES

The first public building erected in Back Bay in 1861, this graceful church features extraordinary Tiffany windows and 16 bells in its steeple. The church…