Navajo Reservation

A famous Diné (Navajo) poem ends with the phrase 'May I walk in beauty.' This request is easily granted at many spots on the Navajo Reservation in northeastern Arizona. At 27,000 sq miles, the reservation is the country's largest, spilling over into the neighboring states of Utah and New Mexico. Most of this land is composed of arid undulating hills, until – all of a sudden – Monument Valley's crimson red buttes rise before you, or you come face-to-face with ancient history at the cliff dwellings at Canyon de Chelly and Navajo National Monuments. Elsewhere, you can walk in dinosaur tracks or gaze at the shifting light of hauntingly beautiful Antelope Canyon.

Many Navajo rely on the tourist economy for survival. You can help keep their heritage alive by staying on the reservation, purchasing their crafts and trying their foods, such as the ubiquitous Navajo taco.

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