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Valdez was quickly rebuilt on more stable ground 5 miles to the west before it was hit again, this time by a human-made disaster, the catastrophic Exxon Valdez oil spill of 1989 that killed marine life, disrupted ecosystems and ruined livelihoods.

It is a testament to Valdez’ feisty Alaskan spirit that it has managed not only to survive, but bounce back, despite its isolation from the lucrative cruise-ship economy. Founded by gold-rush-era prospectors in 1897, the town has tough antecedents and it still draws in the brawny and brave, who love to fish in its iceberg-punctuated seas and heli-ski in the precipitous mountains that surround it.

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Highlights of Alaska

A vast, rugged land of jaw-dropping beauty and abundant wildlife, Alaska remains America’s last truly unconquered frontier. Up to the challenge? This 15-day adventure will put you in touch with one massive state more than you’d imagined possible, mixing hotel stays with cabins typical of the Alaskan frontier. Along the way, you’ll sample amazingly fresh seafood in Anchorage, hike Denali National Park, investigate glaciers, and be blown away by the awesome majesty of your surroundings. Prepare to have your horizons expanded tenfold.

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Alaska Camping Adventure

Glistening tidal glaciers and majestic mountains are sure to capture your hearts and camera lenses on this 14-day camping adventure that gets you out of the tourist bubble and into the Great Outdoors. Spot an incredible array of wildlife among national parks, be charmed by historic towns enveloped in stunning scenery (Snow-capped peaks! Lush evergreens!), and camp in the remote Alaskan wilderness under a blanket of stars so thick that you can feel the curvature of the earth. You’ll soon understand and appreciate why Alaska is the only state to proudly depict a constellation on its flag.

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Camping in Scenic Alaska and Denali

Lace up your hiking boots, charge up those camera batteries, and stoke your adventurous spirit. This nine-day Alaskan tour is made for active nature lovers that know the best way to experience a destination is getting intimate with the land. Go kayaking in the coastal town of Valdez, camp under the stars in the remote Alaskan wilderness, and hike among wildlife and incredible scenery in Denali National Park. Do it all with a small group of worldly wanderers that share your desire to venture off the beaten path.