Must-see attractions in Montevideo

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    Museo Nacional de Artes Visuales

    Uruguay’s largest collection of paintings is housed here in Parque Rodó. The spacious rooms are graced with works by Blanes, Cúneo, Figari, Gurvich,…

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    Teatro Solís

    Just off Plaza Independencia, elegant Teatro Solís is Montevideo’s premier performance space. First opened in 1856, and completely renovated during the…

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    Mercado del Puerto

    No visitor should miss Montevideo’s old port market building, at the foot of Pérez Castellano; the building's impressive wrought-iron superstructure…

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    Museo del Gaucho

    Housed in the ornate Palacio Heber, this museum eloquently conveys the deep attachments between the gauchos, their animals and the land. Its superb…

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    Palacio Salvo

    On the east side of the Plaza Independencia, the 26-story structure with the crazy beehive hairdo is Palacio Salvo, the continent's tallest building when…

  • Plaza Matriz

    Also known as Plaza Constitución, this leafy square was the heart of colonial Montevideo. On its west side stands the Iglesia Matriz, Montevideo’s oldest…

  • Palacio Legislativo

    Dating from 1908, and still playing host to Uruguay’s Asamblea General (legislative branch), the three-story neoclassical parliament building is also open…

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    Plaza Independencia

    Montevideo's largest downtown plaza commemorates independence hero José Artigas with a 17m, 30-ton statue and the subterranean Mausoleo de Artigas, where…

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    Museo de los Andes

    Opened in 2013, this unique museum documents the 1972 Andean plane crash (made famous in the book Alive!) that cost 29 Uruguayans their lives and…

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    Museo del Carnaval

    This museum houses a wonderful collection of costumes, drums, masks, recordings and photos documenting the 100-plus-year history of Montevideo’s Carnaval…

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    Museo de Artes Decorativas

    The Palacio Taranco, a wealthy 1910 merchant’s residence designed by famous French architects Charles Girault and Jules Chifflot, is filled with ornate…

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    Museo Gurvich

    In the heart of Ciudad Vieja's main pedestrian thoroughfare, this museum is devoted to Lithuanian-born Constructivist artist José Gurvich (1927–74), who…

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    Museo de Arte Precolombino e Indígena

    This museum displays a permanent collection of artifacts and information about Uruguay’s earliest inhabitants, along with rotating exhibits focused on…

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    Museo del Fútbol

    A must-see for any fútbol (soccer) fan, this museum displays memorabilia from Uruguay’s 1930 and 1950 World Cup wins. Visitors can also tour the stands.

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    Museo Torres García

    This museum showcases the work of 20th-century Uruguayan painter Torres García, and has revolving exhibitions featuring other contemporary artists.

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    Iglesia Matriz

    Opposite the Cabildo on Plaza Matriz is the Iglesia Matriz, Montevideo's oldest public building. It was begun in 1784 and completed in 1799.

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    Museo Blanes

    Housed in an old mansion in the suburb of Prado, this museum shows the work of Uruguay’s most famous painter, Juan Manuel Blanes.

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    Casa Rivera

    Former home of Fructuoso Rivera (Uruguay’s first president and Colorado Party founder), this neoclassical 1802 building is the centerpiece of Montevideo’s…

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    Castillo Pittamiglio

    On the Rambla between Punta Carretas and Pocitos is this eccentric legacy of local alchemist and architect Humberto Pittamiglio. Its quirky facade alone…

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    Mausoleo de Artigas

    In the middle of the downtown Plaza Independencia is the Mausoleo de Artigas, whose above-ground portion is a 17m, 30-ton statue of the country's…