'Parilla' Barbeque Restaurant In The Mercado Del Puerto, Montevideo, Uruguay. (Photo by: Julio Etchart/Majority World/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

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Mercado del Puerto

Top choice in Montevideo

No visitor should miss Montevideo’s old port market building, at the foot of Pérez Castellano; the building's impressive wrought-iron superstructure shelters a gaggle of bustling parrillas (steak restaurants). On weekend afternoons in particular, it’s a lively, colorful place where the city’s artists, craftspeople and street musicians hang out.

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1. Museo del Carnaval

0.04 MILES

This museum houses a wonderful collection of costumes, drums, masks, recordings and photos documenting the 100-plus-year history of Montevideo’s Carnaval…

2. Museo de Arte Precolombino e Indígena

0.13 MILES

This museum displays a permanent collection of artifacts and information about Uruguay’s earliest inhabitants, along with rotating exhibits focused on…

3. Museo de Artes Decorativas

0.22 MILES

The Palacio Taranco, a wealthy 1910 merchant’s residence designed by famous French architects Charles Girault and Jules Chifflot, is filled with ornate…

4. Casa Rivera


Former home of Fructuoso Rivera (Uruguay’s first president and Colorado Party founder), this neoclassical 1802 building is the centerpiece of Montevideo’s…

5. Iglesia Matriz

0.43 MILES

Opposite the Cabildo on Plaza Matriz is the Iglesia Matriz, Montevideo's oldest public building. It was begun in 1784 and completed in 1799.

6. Museo Gurvich

0.44 MILES

In the heart of Ciudad Vieja's main pedestrian thoroughfare, this museum is devoted to Lithuanian-born Constructivist artist José Gurvich (1927–74), who…

7. Museo Figari

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One of Ciudad Vieja’s newest museums is devoted to Uruguayan painter Pedro Figari, whose landscapes and portraits masterfully convey a sense of Uruguayan…

8. Plaza Matriz

0.47 MILES

Also known as Plaza Constitución, this leafy square was the heart of colonial Montevideo. On its west side stands the Iglesia Matriz, Montevideo’s oldest…