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Liwa Desert Overnight Camping Safari

Arriving at the fringes of The Empty Quarter you navigate pristine desert terrain that has remained unchanged for centuries. Your destination is a secluded camping site in the middle of the rolling sand dunes. Stretch your legs on comfortable rugs and cushions whilst sipping a sparkling beverage and enjoying light snacks as the serenity of the surroundings wash over you. The popular Shisha, Arabian smoking water-pipe is served as a relaxing vibe settles through the evening. The silence of the desert is broken only by the sizzle of crackling coal as the enticing aroma of fresh barbeque fragrances the air. Indulge in animated conversations as you dig in to a spread of Arabic bread, salads and succulent meats. Afterwards, attend a short briefing on Arabian wildlife, the topography of the Rub Al Khali and discuss plans for an exciting new day to follow. A telescope is available on-site to enhance your star-gazing experience. Contemplate the hardy nomadic life as the desert wind caresses you into a deep slumber beneath the watchful gaze of a million stars. Wake up to the aroma of fresh coffee, followed by a hearty Arabian breakfast. The unhurried pace allows for prolonged photography and sand boarding. Pack up camp before exploring the nearby Liwa dunes in the hopes of a chance encounter with wildlife, then, drive to the closest civilization at Madinat Zayed for a wander around the date plantations. Sample dates and fruits in the local markets before heading back with a head full of memories.