Two wooden bridges link the massive Dubai International Finance Centre to Gate Village, a modernist cluster of 10 midrise stone-clad towers built around walkways and small piazzas. This is where many of Dubai’s high-end Middle Eastern art galleries, including Ayyam and Cuadro, have set up shop alongside upmarket restaurants like Zuma and Cipriani. Note that the place is all but dead on Fridays and Saturdays.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Downtown Dubai attractions

1. Cuadro

0.03 MILES

In a fabulous space taking up the entire ground floor of Gate Village’s Building 10, this highly regarded gallery shines the spotlight on midcareer and…

2. Opera Gallery

0.03 MILES

More an art showroom than a classically curated gallery, Opera caters to collectors of artistic heavyweights in genres as varied as pop art, calligraphy…

3. Empty Quarter

0.07 MILES

It's always worth stopping by this top-notch gallery, which is the only one in the UAE focused entirely on fine-art photography. While providing a…

4. Tabari Artspace

0.08 MILES

Don't be deceived by the relatively small gallery space here; the emphasis is firmly on quality rather than quantity. This is one of the pioneering…

5. Dubai International Financial Centre

0.14 MILES

Dubai’s stock exchange and leading international financial institutions are housed in a complex of six buildings surrounding an impressive central 80m…

6. Emirates Towers

0.24 MILES

Although neither the tallest nor the newest skyscrapers in Dubai, the twin, triangular towers coated with silver-coated aluminium panels and topped with…

7. World Trade Centre

0.98 MILES

Compared to its cloud-touching cousins, the 149m-high World Trade Centre seems small today, but when completed in 1979 was actually Dubai's first…

8. Al Khazzan Park

1.19 MILES

One of Dubai's oldest parks, pocket-sized Al Khazzan has been given a total reboot and is now entirely solar-powered, giving it the right to the title to…