Dubai Miracle Garden


Covering some 2000 sq metres and touted as the largest natural flower garden in the world, there’s a sense of Alice in Wonderland–esque surrealism when entering this place. Wander past quirky bloom-covered peacocks, clocks and castles (a full-size Emirates Airbus A380 was the 2017 showstopper). Alternatively, chill out in a cabana with billowing drapes and floor cushions. Home to 100 million flowers, and adjacent to the enormous nine-dome Dubai Butterfly Garden, it is incredibly popular, attracting 55,000 visitors a week.

There are fast-food outlets, such as Hardee’s and Krispy Kreme, on-site, as well as a souvenir shop and small trampoline park. The garden gets very busy on Friday and Saturday (especially Friday afternoon) and public holidays, so visit midweek if you can. The express bus departs from the Mall of the Emirates every 20 minutes from 2pm to 8pm Sunday to Thursday, and from noon to 10pm Friday and Saturday.

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