Cultural in Lviv


Huge folk festival held in late August that sees tens of dance and music ensembles from all over Ukraine perform in the city centre.
Festival in Lviv

Coffee Festival

Late September sees the city achieve a caffeine high. One of Ukraine's best festivals, held in cafes throughout the city centre.
Food in Lviv

Chocolate Festival

Ukraine's top chocolate festival and one of the country's choice culinary events involving chocolate sculptures, finger-licking tasting sessions and workshops.
Fiesta in Lviv

Lviv City Day

Every city has its day in Ukraine – Lviv's is in early May. Expect costumed processions, music and lots of great food.
Music in Lviv


Three-week classical musical festival held at the Philharmonia.
Beer in Lviv

Beer Festival

This celebration of Lviv's hop culture is held in early May, to coincide with several other events.
Music in Lviv


This two-week Jewish music festival takes place at various outdoor venues in the city centre.
Music in Lviv

Alfa Jazz Fest

Big weekend jazz bash featuring international artists.
Fashion in Lviv

Lviv Fashion Week

One of the country's top fashion events.