Zoloti Vorota


Part of Kyiv's fortifications during the rule of Yaroslav the Wise, the famous Zoloti Vorota was erected in 1037. Modelled on Constantinople's Golden Gate, it was the was the main entrance into the ancient city, with ramparts stretching out from both sides. However, the gate was largely destroyed in the 1240 Mongol sacking of Kyiv, so what you see today is a 1982 reconstruction, although chunks of the original gate have been preserved inside.

Also inside, English placards detail the history of the Golden Gate, and there are a few old artefacts, such as the original 10th-century seal of Grand Prince Sviatoslav the Brave. You can climb up to the top of the 29m pavilion.

The statue to the side of Zoloti Vorota is of Yaroslav the Wise, although people call it 'monument to the Kyiv cake' – you'll understand why when you see it.

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