Arts Centre in Kyiv

Image by Pavlo Fedykovych Lonely Planet

Izolyatsia is a self-described platform for cultural initiatives and contemporary culture occupying an old shipyard in north Podil. Originally from Donetsk, it's a refugee of the war in the east. The galleries here showcase top-notch international and local artistic talent. All manner of workshops, discussions and presentations take place on any given day, and on weekends you might find concerts, flea markets or full-blown festivals in its sprawling outdoor courtyard.

Workshops are held through the affiliated Izone coworking space (www.izone.ua), a wonderfully creative environment in its own right (drop-in rate 160uah per day).

Izolyatsia takes its name from the abandoned insulation materials factory in Donetsk where it was formerly located. It moved to Kyiv soon after rebels seized the Donetsk space in June 2014.