Müftü İsmail Efendi Camii


Elegant stone mosque in Trabzon's old town.

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1. Çarşı Camii

0.07 MILES

Recently restored with intricate ceiling paintings and back-lit panels in the spired minbar (pulpit), Çarşı Camii was till recently the largest mosque in…

2. Taş Han

0.08 MILES

Typical of the Ottoman caravanserais of its time (1533), Taş Han was built in two storeys around an open courtyard. Today most of the spaces inside are…

3. Bedesten


One of the most distinctive buildings of the bazaar area, the Bedestan is a 16th-century covered market hall – though, from its heavy octagonal uppers,…

4. Tabakhane Camii


Classic in style with some fine carvings on its frontage, the Tannery District's current mosque actually only dates to the 1980s, but there were earlier…

5. Tabakhane Köprüsü

0.12 MILES

Crossing the 'Tannery Bridge' from Trabzon's main commercial centre, allows you a first glimpse of the once massive walls of the Ottoman citadel.

6. Alaca Han

0.12 MILES

This single-domed han (caravanserai), built in the 18th century, is fronted by a cute little 1807 mosque. It gives its name to Çarşı's best-preserved…

7. Konak Camii

0.14 MILES

This small 1883 mosque is fronted by a pair of spindly columns, supporting arches that partly mask a fine calligraphic inscription above the door.

8. Ortahisar Tarih Museum

0.14 MILES

A restored old house and backyard, perched on a fortress bastion above the Tabakhane Bridge, hosts a little museum that's all in Turkish but worth a five…