Aya Varvara


One of the classic viewpoints of the main monastery complex is just behind this tiny stone chapel, now used as a little projection room for an Turkish-language video about Sumela. It's a 30 second walk from Sumela's upper car park.

An alternative walking path that's far less trodden (and less easy to follow) leads steeply down from beside the chapel to a footbridge across the stream, emerging on the dolmuş road around 800m up from the main car park.

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Nearby Sumela attractions

1. Sumela Monastery

0.79 MILES

The extensive ruins of Sumela Monastery, founded by Greeks in the 4th century, cling improbably to a sheer cliff, high above evergreen forests. This is…

2. Atatürk Mansion

20.29 MILES

This three-storey, blindingly white late-19th-century mansion has fine views and lovely formal gardens. Built for a wealthy Greek banking family in the…

3. Aya Sofya Camii

21.88 MILES

Standing in walled gardens amid symphonies of birdsong, 4km west of centre, is this fine 13th-century church-turned-mosque retaining some carved reliefs…

4. Gülbahar Hatun Camii

22.02 MILES

Sultan Selim I the Grim, the Ottoman conqueror of Syria and Egypt (and known as Yavuz, or 'The Great' to the Turkish), built this mosque southwest of the…

5. Zaǧnos Bridge

22.11 MILES

With its earliest traces dating to Roman or Byzantine times, this bridge above the parklands of the Zaǧnos Valley bears the name of the Pasha (governor)…

6. Ortahisar Fatih Büyük Camii

22.12 MILES

Originally known by the rather breathless name of the 'Church of the Golden-Headed Virgin Mary', this mosque started out as a church, possibly built by…

7. Kanuni Park

22.14 MILES

One of Trabzon's most charming corners, this little park falls within the fortress walls of Ortahısar. It is ringed by fine old buildings including a…

8. Ortahisar Tarih Museum

22.17 MILES

A restored old house and backyard, perched on a fortress bastion above the Tabakhane Bridge, hosts a little museum that's all in Turkish but worth a five…