Narıncı Cami


This little mosque, with its entrance squeezed between market stalls, was built in the mid-18th century.

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1. Hasan Padişah Cami

0.05 MILES

The eastern entrance to the Gölbaşı area is marked by this mosque, which was built in the 15th century.

2. Şurkav

0.06 MILES

To admire some typical local architecture, pop into the Şurkav, a local government building near the entrance to Hotel Edessa, where the courtyard is…

3. Bazaar

0.08 MILES

Dive into Urfa's bazaar alleys to find stalls selling everything from sheepskins and pigeons to jeans and handmade shoes. It was largely built by Süleyman…

4. Mevlid-i Halil Cave

0.09 MILES

This small cave in the southern side of the Dergah Complex is one of Turkey's most important pilgrimage sites. It's believed by many Muslims to be the…

5. Dergah Complex

0.09 MILES

Southeast of Gölbaşı is the Dergah mosque complex, Urfa's major pilgrimage destination. From the gate, you enter the colonnaded courtyard in front of the…

6. Bedesten

0.11 MILES

Tucked inside the bazaar district, the vaulted-ceiling bedesten is home to shops selling scarves and silk products.

7. Gölbaşı

0.11 MILES

Legend claims that the Prophet Abraham (father of the three major monotheistic religions) was confronted by Nimrod, the local Assyrian king, while…

8. Mevlid-i Halil Cami

0.12 MILES

This Ottoman-style mosque commands the western section of the Dergah Complex. The prayer hall interior includes some beautiful calligraphy and arabesque…