Temple of Zeus & Necropolis

Eastern Mediterranean

Ancient Silifke's necropolis, alongside busy İnönü Bulvarı, has been fenced off so all you can do is peek between the railings at the rather sad ruins of the 2nd-century Roman Temple of Jupiter with its columns used by storks as nesting posts. The temple dates from the 2nd century AD, but was turned into a Christian basilica sometime in the 5th century.

Nearby Eastern Mediterranean attractions

1. Reşadiye Camii

0.25 MILES

Built by the Ottomans, the Roman columns supporting the back and front porticoes of this mosque were originally from the Temple of Zeus.

2. Merkez Camii

0.33 MILES

Also called the Alaeddin Camii (Aladdin's Mosque), the Seljuk-era Merkez Camii dates from 1226, although it's seen many renovations over the centuries…

3. Stone Bridge

0.36 MILES

The stone bridge over the Göksu originally dates back to AD 78 but has been restored and rebuilt many times, including twice in the last century (1922 and…

4. Tekirambarı

0.51 MILES

Tekir Ambarı (literally `Striped Granary') is actually an ancient water cistern (su sarnıcı) carved from rock, which can be entered via a spiral staircase…

5. Silifke Museum


To the east of Silifke's centre, on the main road heading to Taşucu, this local museum showcases Roman figurines – one in impressive full uniform – and…

6. Silifke Castle

0.81 MILES

This Byzantine hilltop fortress, with its moat, two dozen towers and vaulted underground chambers, was once Silifke's command centre. It was originally…

7. Cave Church of St Thecla

0.84 MILES

This Christian site is dedicated to St Thecla, one of St Paul's early devotees. Thecla is said to have spent her later years here trying to convert the…

8. Astım Cave

10.89 MILES

Around 500m west of the main entrance to the Caves of Heaven and Hell is Asthma Cave (Astim Mağarası), which supposedly relieves sufferers of the…