Eastern Mediterranean

Tricky to get to, but well worth the effort, is Adamkayalar (Men Rock Cliff), 17 Roman-era reliefs carved on a cliff face about 8km north of Kızkalesi. They are part of a 1st-century-AD necropolis and immortalise warriors wielding axes, swords and lances, and citizens, sometimes accompanied by their wives and children. Two of the reliefs have inscriptions. High up on a cliff face overlooking breathtaking Devil's Canyon (Şeytan Deresi), it's a slightly difficult (and dangerous) scramble to get there.

From the inland side of the coastal road through Kızkalesi, a sign points west (uphill) to the site. Follow the road uphill for 6km and, at another sign, turn left; the car park is around a kilometre along this road. From behind the explanatory panel, follow the painted blue and brown arrows down a rather tricky incline into the gorge for about 350m and don't go alone: you could fall and injure yourself.