Mudanya Mütareke Evi Müzesi

Western Anatolia

This whitewashed 19th-century house, where the Armistice of Moudania was signed by Italy, France, Britain and Turkey on 11 October 1922 (Greece reluctantly signed three days later), houses a museum of historic Armistice-related photos.

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1. Fatih Cami

4.57 MILES

The minaret of the Fatih Cami soars above the squat red-brick structure that was originally built as the Hagios Stephanos-Hinolakkos Church in the 8th…

2. Murat I (Hüdavendigâr) Cami

14.26 MILES

This unusual mosque from 1366 features a barrel-vaulted Ottoman T-square design, and includes ground-floor zaviye (dervish hostel) rooms. The only visible…

3. Sarcophagus of Murat I

14.3 MILES

Sultan Murat I (r 1359–89), most famous for the Battle of Kosovo that claimed his life, is interred in this huge sarcophagus opposite the Hudavendigar…

4. Karagöz Monument

14.48 MILES

This monument celebrates Bursa's tradition of shadow puppetry; it's opposite the Karagöz Museum.

5. Karagöz Museum

14.51 MILES

The collection at Bursa's Karagöz Museum includes magnificent Turkish, Uzbek, Russian and Romanian puppets and puppet-making tools. There are also regular…

6. Atatürk House

15.24 MILES

Atatürk House (1895) commemorates the great leader in a pine-scented garden setting. The restored structure contains mostly original furnishings from when…

7. Archaeology Museum

15.32 MILES

This museum's small collection ranges from beautiful Roman pottery and figurines to stone tools and artefacts dating back to the Paleolithic era.

8. Kültür Parkı

15.44 MILES

With its fine lawns and flower beds, tea gardens, playgrounds and a lake where you can hire pedal boats, leafy Kültür Parkı is a good place for travelling…