Ömürlü Kemal Atli Cultural Centre


This carefully prepared ethnographic museum displays life as it would have been for Ottoman Turks in Alanya in the 19th century, over two floors. Sometimes volunteer silk spinners work the loom in the handicraft centre next door, which is fascinating to watch. Check out the views from the delightful balcony but don the plastic shoe slippers provided first.

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Nearby Alanya attractions

1. Süleymaniye Camii

0.03 MILES

This fine 16th-century mosque, which replaced a Seljuk structure dating to the 13th century, is the oldest in Alanya.

2. Bedesten

0.05 MILES

This bedesten (vaulted covered market) with a rectangular courtyard in the centre dates from the Ottoman era. For many years it functioned as a hotel.

3. Akşebe Türbesi

0.08 MILES

The Akşebe Türbesi is a distinctive mausoleum thought to have been built in about 1230 for a Seljuk commander of the castle, though this has not been…

4. Ehmedek

0.11 MILES

As you walk up to Alanya Castle, the road passes a turn-off for the village of Ehmedek, which was the Turkish quarter during Ottoman and Seljuk times…

5. Castle Viewpoint

0.14 MILES

Enjoy this wonderful viewpoint looking across the city and Cilician mountains while walking up to the castle through the steep streets of the Tophane…

6. Ehmedek Castle

0.15 MILES

Built in 1227 to protect the Inner Fortress, this is the northern part of Alanya Castle and consist of three towers in two distinct parts.

7. Alanya Castle

0.17 MILES

Surmounting Alanya's rocky peninsula is its awesome, Seljuk-era castle, girdled by 6km of walls and awaiting Unesco World Heritage listing. Climb to it…

8. İç Kale

0.17 MILES

The İç Kale, or inner fortress, contains the remnants of a Byzantine church and the scattered ruins of cisterns. It's right at the top of the fortified…