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Don't miss the opportunity to visit this often overlooked ancient port city in Rough Cilicia, which was settled in the 7th century BC but abandoned in the 13th century AD. The town had a port at sea level where you'll see the remains of a bath complex, but head uphill along a wending 3km-long road for the upper city. The 16 well-preserved ruins include an enormous bathhouse, colonnaded street, monumental tombs, a bouleuterion (place of assembly in a classical Helleninc city) and a church.

The views down to the sea are fabulous. Syedra is north of the D400, some 22km southeast of Alanya.

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1. Dim Cave

6.78 MILES

This underground fairyland is home to spectacular stalactite and stalagmite formations with a crystal-clear pool at the deepest depth. A 360m-long walkway…

2. Armoury

10.26 MILES

This large tower would have served as a coastal watchtower and arsenal during the Seljuk era. If you're game you can follow the walls from here towards…

3. Phosphorus Cave

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The area near this cave is often used for a swimming stop by many of the excursion boats setting out from Alanya harbour. Despite its name, the glittering…

4. Tersane

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A wooden walkway runs south along the old harbour's east wall from the Red Tower to the Tersane, the only Seljuk-built shipyard remaining in Turkey…

5. Red Tower

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This striking five-storey octagonal defence tower, measuring nearly 30m in diameter, more than 30m in height and with a central cistern within for water…

6. Belediye

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Alanya's belediye (municipality) building.

7. Lovers' Cave

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Reputed to be an old pirates' lair, Lovers' Cave is often visited by local boat excursions, with braver boat passengers opting to dive from its 8m-high…

8. Atatürk Statue

10.52 MILES

Every city in Turkey has its Atatürk statue, and Alanya's presides over the main street on the eastern edge of the central city.