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Lake District

Tucked away within the forested hills and mountains of inner Anatolia, the lake region has an escapist, even otherworldly feel. At its heart is Eğirdir (ey-eer-deer), a placid town overlooked by mountains including Sivri (1749m), Davraz (2653m) and Barla (2800m). It makes an excellent base for hiking, climbing and seeing regional sights – or for simply relaxing by the tranquil lake surrounding it.

In addition to the lake, its water activities and tasty fish, the Eğirdir area offers year-round action, including the rose harvest in May and June, apple harvest in autumn and skiing in winter. History-loving hikers can explore the St Paul Trail and ascend to the lofty ruins of Sagalassos, perched among the rocky peaks of the Taurus Mountains. But you may find it is the kind hospitality of the locals, unaffected by mass tourism, that makes visiting most worthwhile.