Located opposite the grandiose entrance to the 1868 Galatasaray Lycée, one of the city's most prestigious educational institutions, this much-loved historic produce market is an essential stop when exploring İstiklal Caddesi. At its entrance are stands selling midye tava (skewered mussels fried in hot oil), kokoreç (seasoned lamb or mutton intestines wrapped around a skewer and grilled over charcoal) and other snacks. Further inside are shops selling fish, caviar, fruit, vegetables and other produce.

Most of the market's shops are in Duduodaları Sokak on the left (southern) side of the market. Many of these have been here for close on a century and have extremely loyal clienteles – check out Üç Yıldız Şekerleme for jams, lokum (Turkish Delight) and sweets; Petek Turşuları for pickles; and Reşat Balık Market for caviar and the city's best lakerda (strongly flavoured salted bonito).

At 24a Şahne Sokak, look for the gigantic black doors to the courtyard of the Üç Horan Ermeni Kilisesi, which dates from 1838. Visitors can enter the church providing the doors are open. On the opposite side of the street is the neoclassical Avrupa Pasajı, an attractive 19th-century arcade full of shops that once sold antiques but now seem to stock little except tourist tat.