Azapkapı Sokollu Mehmet Paşa Mosque

Mosque in Beyoğlu

This pretty mosque, designed by Sinan and built in 1577, is unusual in that it, and the minaret, are raised on a platform. It was commissioned by Sokollu Mehmet Paşa, a grand vezir of Süleyman the Magnificent. Today it's totally overshadowed by the approach to Atatürk/Unkapanı Bridge. Still it's well worth a visit, particularly for its fine marble mihrab (niche in a minaret indicating the direction of Mecca) and mimber (pulpit in a mosque).

The nearby rococo fountain was built by Saliha Valide Hatun, mother of Mahmut I.

In 2016 the İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality announced a plan to demolish the Atatürk Bridge and replace it with a US$34-million tunnel under the Golden Horn connecting the Unkapanı and Kasımpaşa districts. The project's estimated completion date is 2018. If this does indeed eventuate, the mosque will reclaim its grand setting and once again be listed among the city's most impressive imperial mosques.