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Gaziantep Zeugma Mosaic Museum

Top choice in Gaziantep

This museum does a stellar job of displaying one of the world's most important mosaic collections, most of which was unearthed at the Roman site of Belkıs-Zeugma and brought to safety before the Birecik Dam flooded much of the site forever. Its most famous exhibit is the 'Gypsy Girl', which gets its own darkened room – dramatically highlighting the small mosaic's beauty. Equally impressive though are the huge floor mosaics, displayed between columns and wall-fresco segments, also brought from the site.

In particular, don't miss the 'Eros and Psykhe' mosaic downstairs and 'The Kidnapping of Europe' and 'Woman at Breakfast' mosaics upstairs. After viewing the upstairs floor exhibits, take the exterior walkway across to the second building for more mosaics unearthed from the local region.

To walk to the museum, follow the underpass on the left of the railway station, continue under the busy main highway, turn right, and then walk on for about 400m and you'll see the museum on the opposite side of the road. Unfortunately, a fence running along the road's traffic barrier stops you from crossing the road. You need to head another 200m to the tatty pedestrian overpass to cross and then double-back to the museum. A taxi from central Gaziantep should be around ₺18.

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