Column of Julian


Erected in honour of Roman emperor Julian the Apostate's visit to Ankara, the Column of Julian sits in a square ringed by government buildings.

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Nearby Ankara attractions

1. Republic Monument

0.14 MILES

This large equestrian statue, erected to honour the soldiers of the War of Independence is a good landmark to get your bearings while exploring Ulus.

2. Hacı Bayram Cami

0.14 MILES

Ankara's most revered mosque is Hacı Bayram Cami. Hacı Bayram Veli was a Muslim 'saint' who founded the Bayramiye dervish order around 1400. Ankara was…

3. Temple of Augustus & Rome

0.15 MILES

Except for a couple of imposing, inscribed walls, not much remains of this temple (AD 25) built to honour the Roman emperor Augustus.

4. Roman Baths

0.24 MILES

At the sprawling 3rd-century Roman Baths ruins, the layout is still clearly visible; look for the standard Roman apoditerium (dressing room), frigidarium …

5. Roman Theatre

0.26 MILES

From Hisarparkı Caddesi, you can view the sparse remains of a Roman theatre from around 200 to 100 BC.

6. Museum of Anatolian Civilisations

0.44 MILES

The best place in the country to get to grips with the complex weave of Turkey's history, the exhibits here house artefacts cherry-picked from just about…

7. Alaettin Cami

0.48 MILES

The Alaettin Cami is the oldest mosque in Ankara, dating from the 12th century, but has been extensively rebuilt. Another full restoration was ongoing in…

8. Citadel

0.51 MILES

The imposing hisar (citadel) is the most interesting part of Ankara to poke about in. This well-preserved quarter of thick walls and winding streets took…