Sultan Han


This finely restored Seljuk royal caravan lodging was built in the 1230s and is one of the largest in Anatolia. It's 45km northeast of Kayseri, near Tuzhisar, on the old Kayseri–Sivas highway.

To get here from Kayseri, take a Sivas-bound bus or dolmuş (minibus with a prescribed route; ₺5) heading to Sarioğlan or Akkişla from the doğu (east) garage.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

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1. Mahperi Hunat Hatun Complex

27.9 MILES

The austere and stately Mahperi Hunat Hatun complex is one of Kayseri's finest Seljuk monuments, built in the 13th century during the reign of Sultan…

2. Sahabiye Medresesi

27.97 MILES

This Seljuk theological school dates from 1268. Today its courtyard is a cafe with the surrounding rooms used as bookshops. Its richly decorated doorway…

3. Archaeological Museum

27.97 MILES

Kayseri's small archaeological museum is a minor magpie's nest, featuring finds from nearby Kültepe (ancient Kanesh, chief city of the Hatti people and…

4. Kayseri Castle

27.98 MILES

The monumental black-basalt walls of Kayseri castle were first constructed under Roman emperor Gordian III and rebuilt by the Byzantine emperor Justinian…

5. Ahi Evran Zaviyesi

27.98 MILES

The gloomy interior of this 13th-century technical school for artisans and craftspeople is great to poke about in. It's crammed with a jumble-sale-style…

6. Güpgüpoğlu Konağı

27.98 MILES

Ignore the scruffy mannequin-inhabited dioramas and instead feast your eyes on the glorious interior of painted wooden wall-panels and ceilings. The…

7. Atatürk Evi

27.99 MILES

This creaky 19th-century Ottoman house with its doll-house-proportioned mezzanine and 1st floor furnished in late Ottoman style was where Turkey's founder…

8. Museum of Seljuk Civilisation

28.05 MILES

This excellent museum is set in the restored Çifte Medrese, a 13th-century twin hospital and seminary built at the bequest of Seljuk sultan Keyhüsrev I…