Tombs of Sultans Osman & Orhan


The tombs of Sultans Osman and Orhan, founders of the Ottoman Empire, are interred in a park at the summit of Bursa Citadel. The original structures were destroyed in the earthquake of 1855 and rebuilt in Ottoman baroque style by Sultan Abdül Aziz in 1863. Osman Gazi's tomb is the more ornately decorated of the two.

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1. Clock Tower

0.02 MILES

This is the only surviving clock tower of a group of four that once crowned Bursa's old citadel district. The towers were also used as the city's fire…

2. Bursa Citadel

0.08 MILES

Some ramparts and walls still survive on the steep cliff that is the site of Bursa's citadel and its oldest neighbourhood, Tophane. Walk up Orhan Gazi …

3. Statue of Osman

0.21 MILES

This statue, near Şehreküstü metro station on the eastern edge of the city centre, is a good landmark to get your bearings by.

4. Bedesten

0.24 MILES

The 14th-century Bedesten, built by Sultan Beyazıt I and reconstructed after an 1855 earthquake, is contained within Bursa's sprawling Kapalı Çarşı.

5. Kapalı Çarşı

0.27 MILES

Bursa's sprawling Kapalı Çarşı (Covered Market) complex is made up of several historic buildings strung out along Kapalı Çarşı Caddesi, the market's main…

6. Ulu Cami

0.29 MILES

This enormous Seljuk-style mosque (1399) is central Bursa's dominating feature. Sultan Beyazıt I built it in a monumental compromise – having pledged to…

7. Emir Han


Camel caravans travelling the Silk Road to Bursa once lodged at Emir Han, entered at the rear of Ulu Cami. Drovers and merchants slept and did business…

8. Hacı Sevinç Cami


Hacı Sevinç Cami is located amid the winding and labyrinthine streets of Bursa's Tahtakale district, just south of Atatürk Caddesi, and is part of Bursa's…