Ulu Cami

Eastern Mediterranean

The beautiful early 16th-century Ulu Cami is reminiscent of the Mamluk mosques of Cairo, with black-and-white banded marble and elaborate window surrounds. The complex includes a medrese (seminary) and a türbe (mausoleum) housing remains of the poet Ziya Pașa. The tiles in the mihrab (niche indicating the direction of Mecca) came from Kütahya and İznik.

Just south is the delightful 15th-century Ramazanoğlu Mansion (Ramazanoğlu Konağı).

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1. Great Clock Tower


Near Adana's sprawling covered market (kapalı çarşı), the Great Clock Tower dates back to 1881.

2. Covered Market

0.11 MILES

The large covered market is just south of the Great Clock Tower.

3. Stone Bridge

0.23 MILES

This Roman-era stone bridge over the Seyhan River at the eastern end of Abidin Paşa Caddesi was probably built under Hadrian (r AD 117–138) and repaired…

4. Yağ Camii

0.24 MILES

The Yağ Camii, with its imposing portal and typical Seljuk-style architecture, started life as a Crusader church dedicated to St James but was converted…

5. Atatürk Statue

0.34 MILES

Adana's monument to modern Turkey's founder presides over the busy centre of the city.

6. St Paul's Catholic Church

0.35 MILES

Built in 1870 by the Armenian community, this church is still in service today as a Roman Catholic place of worship.

7. Yeni Cami

0.47 MILES

Built in 1724, the central Yeni Cami follows the general square plan of the city's Ulu Cami, with two rows of five domes.

8. Sabancı Central Mosque

0.49 MILES

The most imposing mosque in Adana is the six-minaret Sabancı Merkez Camii, rising gracefully from the left bank of the Seyhan River. The largest mosque…