Pont de la République Street Art


In 2016, local street artists including Abdelmejid Ben Messaoud, Khalil Gouiaâ, Mourad Harbaoui, Brahim Azzabi, Samir Fitouri, Abdelmonem Sehili, Walid Zouari and Jamel Abdennasser used some of the pylons of this bridge to create a huge open-air gallery of works celebrating the fifth anniversary of the 2011 revolution. All used Aboulkacem Chebbi's poem 'Les Chants de la Vie d’Aboulkacem Chebbi' as their inspiration.

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1. Clocktower

0.14 MILES

Built to commemorate former President Ben Ali’s assumption of power on 7 November 1987 (hence the name of the surrounding plaza), this 38m-high clocktower…

2. Rue Lenine Street Art

0.35 MILES

The walls of derelict buildings on this street have been used as open-air canvases by local street artists.

3. Institut Française de Tunisie

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Housed in a building elegantly revamped by Richter+Partner with Karim Jeddi-Gonzales, the Institut Française hosts a rich program of cultural activities…

4. Lycee Bourguiba

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Arabisant-style building on one of Centre Ville's main boulevards.

6. Marché Centrale

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Tunisian food markets offer a great introduction to local culture, and Tunis' Marché Centrale is particularly atmospheric. The original market building…

7. Bab El Bhar

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Also called the Porte de France or French Gate, this huge freestanding arch was the medina's eastern gateway until the surrounding walls were demolished…

8. Grande Synagogue de Tunis

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The winning entry in an architectural contest held in 1911, this concrete building with a huge Star of David on its facade was designed by French-Tunisian…