Southern Tunisia

Southern Tunisia is a place of stark, almost alien landscapes. This is a place of isolated Berber villages on hilltops and troglodyte homes dug into the ground to protect against the harshness of the climate. Ancient ksour (traditional fortified granaries) dot the countryside, speaking even more plaintively to the region's history.

To the south and west, the shifting sand dunes take over. This is the Tunisian Grand Erg Oriental, one of the Sahara’s most expansive sand seas. Venture out from oasis towns huddled amid vast palm groves to explore one of the country's most remarkable and breathtaking settings, by camel or 4WD.

Before travelling, pay attention to the security situation – some Western governments currently advise against all but essential travel to certain parts of the south, including Douz, Nefta, Medenine and the Ksour Country because of the small risk of terrorism. All areas close to Libya are to be avoided completely.

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