Fort St Pieter


Set within a deep-cut dry moat, this hefty five-sided brick fort once formed the city's southern defence and is linked to a network of underground tunnels. Dating from 1701, it is sturdily striking more than beautiful and best viewed from the footpaths that loop around it for fine city panoramas.

The restored interior can be seen on guided tours which can be combined with North Cave tunnel tours. Purchase tickets at the Chalet Bergrust restaurant overlooking the (payable) car park.

It's a 2km walk south of Maastricht, or take bus No 7 and get off at 'Mergelweg'. Three nature walks begin from here, each marked by colour-coded posts. The fort is also the southernmost point of the Pieterpad, one of the Netherlands' most popular long-distance hikes, extending 492km to Pietersburen in Groningen province.

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