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Natuurcentrum Ameland

Frisian Islands

Just north of Nes village, this centre features an excellent seaquarium in which a number of North Sea species swim around, including manta rays, barracuda and eels. Get shore-to-shore views from the adjacent observation tower and take a 2.2km nature loop walk to Nesserbos forest. The centre offers tours, including wadlopen (mudflat walking), beach walks and net-fishing excursions.

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1. Lighthouse

6.16 MILES

Ameland's iconic red-and-white banded lighthouse stands 55m tall on the island's west end. The only lighthouse in the island chain that is open to the…

2. De Boschplaat

13.43 MILES

An extensive natural reserve at the eastern end of the island, De Boschplaat was a separate island until 1880, when the channel between the two silted up…

3. Schiermonnikoog National Park


The entire island, except for its single town and surrounding polder, was designated the Netherlands' first national park in 1989. It's easy to lose…

4. Natuurmuseum Fryslân


Let your angels run rampant in this natural history museum, covering Friesland's flora and fauna. Highlights include a virtual bird-flight simulation …

5. Historisch Centrum

17.04 MILES

Read up on the town's history at the city archives, home to a permanent exhibition on the history of Leeuwarden. It also organises guided tours led by…

6. Obe Paviljoen

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Named after the local Frisian poet Obe Postma (1868–1963), this contemporary wood-and-glass pavilion is razor-sharp in both architectural design and the…

7. Oldehove

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At the northwest corner of the historic core stands the notoriously off-kilter Oldehove – Friesland's rival to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Things went…

8. Keramiek Museum Princessehof

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Pottery lovers will adore the Netherlands ceramics museum. Here you'll find the largest collection of tiles on the planet, an unparalleled selection of…