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Southeastern Netherlands

Things are different below the rivers: the provinces of Noord Brabant and Limburg have a character that's more Catholic, more relaxed, and in the case of southern Limburg, hillier than elsewhere in the Netherlands. Among the obvious southern influences are a preference for good beer and food, as embodied in the concept Bourgondisch: eating and drinking with a verve worthy of the epicurean inhabitants of France's Burgundy.

Maastricht's medieval ramparts, delicate brick towers, polyglot inhabitants and its role in brokering the Eurozone all suggest a closer kinship with Europe than with a Dutch town. And the hilly terrain to the east makes for panoramic (if strenuous) cycling and hiking.

Noord Brabant is a discordant combination of historically evocative towns like Den Bosch and Breda, and post-industrial urban centres like Tilburg and Eindhoven which are forging new identities as havens of design, culture and technology, within cycling distance of tranquil landscapes.

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