Museum De Buitenplaats

Northeastern Netherlands

In Eelde, 5km south of Groningen, this space is devoted to figurative art from around Europe. The main organic structure, which blends into its natural surroundings, features paintings from some of the Netherlands' more progressive 20th-century artists, such as Wout Muller, Henk Helmantel, Herman Gordijn and Matthijs Röling. Fascinating temporary exhibitions complement the permanent collection.

The exquisite gardens present an immaculate kaleidoscope of perfectly clipped yew trees and holly bushes, geometric flowerbeds, ornate rose gardens, apple orchards and climbing vines interspersed with a wonderful collection of sculptures. There is a sun-bathed cafe, and in summer, poetry readings, storytelling and concerts are performed most Sundays on the open-air stage here.

From Groningen, take bus 52 (€4, 28 minutes, every half-hour); otherwise there's a cycle route along the west side of Paterswolder Meer.

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