Formed by artists from Copenhagen, Brussels and Amsterdam after WWII, the CoBrA movement produced semiabstract works known for their primitive, childlike qualities. This fascinating, canal-side museum holds a trove of boldly coloured, avant-garde paintings, ceramics and statues, including many by Karel Appel, the style's most famous practitioner. Asger Jorn, Anton Rooskens, Corneille and Constant are among the others. The CoBrA movement was active for just three years (1948–51).

The art is less of a unified whole than a philosophy, inspired by Marxism, of using materials at hand to create paintings, sculpture and even poetry. Changing exhibits by contemporary artists are on show as well.

Buses arrive right by the museum. The tram stop puts you about a kilometre from the museum; follow the 'CoBrA' signs through the mall to reach it.