This former shipbuilding warehouse is filled with over 80 artists studios, with some 250 artists working in the NDSM broedplaats (breeding ground). It's a big enough space that you can cycle or walk around the area, with huge artworks hanging from the ceiling, and structures within the hangar. There is a visitor centre for information and to buy artworks, and the exhibition space NDSM Fuse (both open noon to 6pm Friday to Sunday).

At the time of research, there were plans to open a theatre and bar-restaurant in late 2019.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Amsterdam Noord attractions

1. Kraanspoor

0.14 MILES

'Craneway' is an extraordinary piece of architecture, built above a repurposed (you've guessed it) craneway, by OTH Architecten in 2007. The glass box…

2. NDSM-werf

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This derelict shipyard turned edgy arts community, 15 minutes upriver from the city centre, wafts a post-apocalyptic vibe. An old submarine slumps in the…

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See the neon sign and you'll be forgiven for thinking this is an outpost of the Red Light District. But Sexyland is a members' club that has 365 co-owners…

4. Submarine B-80

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Soviet Project 611 submarine B-80, dating from 1952, was built in Severodvinsk, Russia, and previously moored in the Dutch Navy port of Den Helder in…

5. Zandhoek

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On Realeneiland's eastern shore, the Zandhoek is a photogenic stretch of waterfront. It's now a modern yacht harbour, but back in the 17th century it was…

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Boundary-pushing photography is the focus of this gallery in the Western Islands, which hosts rotating exhibitions by emerging and established…

7. Drieharingenbrug

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This narrow bridge links the Western Islands of Prinseneiland and Realeneiland. It's a quaint replacement for the pontoon that used to be pulled aside to…

8. EYE Film Institute

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At this modernist architectural triumph that seems to balance on its edge on the banks of the IJ (also pronounced 'eye') River, the institute screens…