Braye Bay

The Channel Islands

This is Alderney's largest bay and one of the island's most attractive beaches – white sand, calm and clear blue waters, and plenty of room to lay your beach towel. If you've brought your snorkelling mask, check out the wrecks of SS Henry Fricke and SS Burton, home to plenty of marine life. Between June and September, there are SUPs and sea kayaks for rent.

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1. St Anne Church

0.58 MILES

Surrounded by moss-covered, centuries-old gravestones, this handsome Victorian-era church was designed by George Gilbert Scott, a prolific 19th-century…

2. Alderney Society Museum

0.68 MILES

This well-cared for museum, run by volunteers, does a fine job of telling the story of Alderney – from original Neolithic settlements going back 10,000…

3. Bibette Head

0.77 MILES

Gaping bunkers, personnel shelters and armoured cupola for machine guns that made up the German Strongpoint Biberkopf sit at the end of the Bibette Head…

4. Saye Bay

0.89 MILES

This long, dune-backed beach is ideal for rockpooling, swimming and sunbathing.

5. Hammond Memorial

0.89 MILES

With five main plaques in Russian, Hebrew, Polish, French and Spanish, this sombre memorial commemorates the slaves and forced labourers, brought to…

6. Watermill

0.92 MILES

Alderney has had a watermill on this very spot, near Fort Tourgis, since the 14th century. The current watermill building is over 200 years old, with an…

7. Longis Bay

1.03 MILES

The only beach on the south coast, Longis used to be Alderney's main harbour some 300 years back. Between June and September, Alderney Wildlife Trust has…

8. Fort Tourgis

1.04 MILES

Picturesquely covered in creeping vines, this 19th-century fort wouldn't look out of place in some Victorian romance novel, if it weren't for the barred…